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Lines of Action

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Name: Lines of Action

Description: Lines of Action is a unique abstract 2-player game played on a standard chess board with 12 pieces a side

Instuctions: The aim of the game is to moves all your pieces so they form a single connected group. Diagonals count when checking to see if a piece is in a group. A piece can move in any of the eight directions. A piece can jump over pieces from it's own side. A piece may capture a piece from the opposition side by landing on it. A piece cannot jump over a piece from the opposition side A piece moves a number of spaces equal to the total number of pieces (from either side, including itself) that are in the row, column, or diagonal it is moving in. Yes, you can accidentally make your opponent win by capturing a stray piece of theirs. In the event of both players connecting their pieces simultaneously then the moving player wins. Click a piece to select it for movement, legal squares become highlighted. Click on a square to move the piece there or click the piece again to deselect it.

Keywords: board game abstract mental chess checkers lines of action

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Category: Board Game

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