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Crash! Kill! Speed!

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Name: Crash! Kill! Speed!

Description: Get your car speed over 100mph and crash into civilian cars, all in gorgeously large pixels, commodore64 colors and thumping chiptune theme track.

Instuctions: You can only survive a car crash if you are over 100mph. Hitting cars straight on slows you down. Destroy enough cars before time is up to finish the level and get a credit. Ingame: Up/Down = Up/Down A/S = Accelerate/Slow down Shift = Subtle steering Menu: M = Mute P = Pause ESC = Return to menu Cheats: 7 or 8 or 9 + PGDN or PGUP = Adjust difficulty TAB = level++

Keywords: cars death proof speed kill destroy crush drive arcade retro pixel commodore chiptune en

Plays: 7

Category: Action

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