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Flying Snowman

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Name: Flying Snowman

Description: Introduce you to the game, "Flying Snowman!" Simple and funny game consisting of seven levels - each level is a new airspeed snowman. Need to fly as much as possible, thereby gaining maximum points!

Instuctions: Need to fly as much as possible, thereby gaining maximum points! When you take a shield you can just crash into the one of the enemy and stay live =))! The enemies 1) The evil black cloud; 2) Plate aliens; 3) Evil Snowman; At more The control: 1) The "P: Pause 2) Up button up; Down key down; Left button to the left; Right key to the right; You can move across the stage in either direction as well and diagonally if, press the appropriate key combination Control! On the last level there is a large carrot one who will take it one gains access to a secret All the luck and good holding time!

Keywords: snowman rocket fly plate cloud lightning bullet funny childish cheerful shooter snow cloud speed attention reaction secret carrot shield angry snowman en

Plays: 6

Category: Adventure

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