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Pole Vaultage!

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Name: Pole Vaultage!

Description: THIS GAME IS BEST PLAYED WITH ANOTHER PERSON ON ONE KEYBOARD A single- or two-player mini-game about pole vaulting over an electric fence. Made for TIGSource Sports Compo. Jump over the fence to win. Be careful not to touch the fence. Also, the pole will break if bent too much.

Instuctions: THIS GAME IS BEST PLAYED WITH ANOTHER PERSON ON ONE KEYBOARD CONTROLS: Player 1 control button is ENTER. Player 2 control button is SPACE. HOW TO PLAY: 1. Tap your control key repeatedly to gain speed. 2. Hold the button down to lower the pole when close to the fence. 3. Release the button when the pole touches the ground and bends. The greater the speed, the higher you will jump.

Keywords: pole vault jump sports one-button two-player mini-game parody funny button-mashing en

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Category: Sports

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