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Star Baron - Skirmish

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Name: Star Baron - Skirmish

Description: Fast paced real-time strategy game set in space.

Instuctions: You are the Blue empire. Select stars with the mouse. (Click, shift-click, or drag a box) Select enemy stars to send your ships to attack. The more stars you own, the more ships you produce. Use the coloured buttons in the top-right to specialise selected stars. * Grey = Standard (Jack-of-all-trades) * Red = Defence (Produces STRONG defence satellites) * Blue = Ship Builder (Produces ships FAST) * Green = Economic (Increases you Max Ships limit) * Yellow = Mine Layer (Produces LARGE cloud of mines) == Notes == * Try surrounding stars when you attack them for an attack bonus. * Flying over defense planets or into mine fields is a BAD idea. * Try building a row of defense stars on your borders, and economic and naval stars behind this border.

Keywords: Strategy

Plays: 14

Category: Action

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