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Corporate Bloodbath

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Name: Corporate Bloodbath

Description: How far can you make it up the Corporate Ladder... WITH your integrity intact? Corporate Bloodbath is the ultimate showdown between the cubicle gladiators of today's office environment. You only need a browser, the latest Flash player, and a sense of outrage at what the workplace has become to play.

Instuctions: Use your mouse to select one of the many employees to play as. Then choose a company. The size of the company determines how long a game will last. After choosing a company you will be put into "business" scenarios pitting you in one-on-one “combat� against different employees. Use "business" tactics to take one of your opponent’s three stats (BRAINS, CHARM, and STONES) to zero to win the scenario, earn the reward, and move up the corporate ladder. Prior to (and during) a scenario, an option to Compromise Your Integrity is available to earn more business tactics. In order for a tactic to be successful it must win the THROWDOWN (think rock, paper, scissors). In a throwdown Brains beats Charm, Charm beats Stones, Stones beats Brains. After winning a scenario you can purchase one of four items to improve your stats , or give you an additional tactic for your next throwdown. How far can you make it up the Corporate Ladder... WITH your integrity intact?

Keywords: corporate bloodbath game casual humor satire corporate hiring Business business time company work job work ethic employee employees coworkers corporate culture lay offs comedy layoffs corp incorporated buzzwords onion terms toys

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