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Many Many (Dogecoin Adventure)

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Name: Many Many (Dogecoin Adventure)

Description: Riyukuro must save his Shiba Inu Shizuke that has been captured by the Shiro-Gang of Many Many. This is the first and ultimate Dogecoin Adventure on your Family Computer and it is up to you to guide Riyukuro over the various different stages in order to free the captured Inu! Solve the lights-out puzzle that set on Shizuke's cage and trigger the different levels. Collect pallets, Throw blade stars on Shiro Gang members, guide Shibe Inu to their safety and then fight the mighty machine of the Many Many that sets a guard on Shizuke! Do all of this & Race for high score. Many Many - Much dogecoin excitement on your Family Computer! Much Donation of Dogecoin is such appreciated: DEBd2kGFHJXfFFpiszF3AWycLPDVR8wua2 Download an offline version to your computer:

Instuctions: RiyuKuro must save his Shiba Inu dog Shizuke by breaking the lights-out cycle of her cage that is presented to you by the starting of the game and each time you complete a level. When you press Z when a specific part of the board is selected, a light cycle is being triggered similar to as in a lights-out puzzle. That also triggers the level itself which may vary different each time you place a move on the board. In any of the levels Riyukuro can run for a short distance by holding the X button on your keyboard. There are 3 different levels: A Pacman style level where you must collect all the pallets and avoid the Shiro Gang members. A Ninja style level where you have to shoot the many many members of the shiro gang with Throwing Blade-Stars A Shiba Inu rescue level where you must catch the Shiba Inu dogs by pressing Z when coming with contact with a dog and then guiding him to the marked spot on the level. In addition there is a boss level that is triggered when all lights on the board are either set all on or all off. The boss machine must suffer a damage of 50 Shurikens before taken off and Shizuke is saved once the boss machine and all the Shiro Gang members in the level has been taken down.

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