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Uncle Jessup's Lawn Bowling

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Name: Uncle Jessup's Lawn Bowling

Description: It's family gathering time again and everyone's favorite Uncle and corporate yahoo has arrived! That's right it's Uncle Jessup! Fresh after doing the world's best documentation, he's up for the next event, Lawn Bowling! Help Uncle Jessup get the high score in this amazing 3D Bowling game! Fun for 1 or 2 players! Play your friends, your dog, your neighbor, anyone in two player click it out 3D Bowling action! Don't forget to pick up that spare!

Instuctions: On the title screen press the 1 or 2 key to select the number of players you'll be playing with. Next you'll immediate go into the game. It will be player 1's turn. Player one will have a screen that has a vertical bar moving up and down very quickly. Press the left mouse button to select the power for your throw. The top of the screen is 100% and the bottom is 0% so choose wisely. Then you'll goto a similar screen with a bar moving back and forth across the screen. This will be the direction in which you throw. The left part of the screen is to throw it far left, and the right part of the screen is to throw it far right. Choose wisely! Now you'll immediate throw the ball and the camera will follow it all the way to the pins! Exciting! After that you'll be reported on your score and Uncle Jessup may comment on it. Repeat the same for 1 or 2 players and have fun!

Keywords: Sports Ball Bowling Lawn Outdoors Fun Two Player 2P Action 3D

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