Aliens Invasion

Game Name: Aliens Invasion
Description: Aliens Invasion is an adrenaline pumping first person shooting game that will test your shooting skills to the highest level! Survive from the waves of aliens that will attack and shoot you in any possible way. Defend yourself and don't let them kill you. Use any weapons that will help you eliminate these unearthly creatures. Challenge yourself by completing all the achievements and be one from the list of high scores! So are you ready for some action?!

How to play: q-s-d-z-arrow-wasd: Moveshift: Runspace: Jumpf: Use Iteml: Toggle Mouse Cursor32: [ / ] - Next/Previous Weaponr: Reloadmouse3: Zoommouse2: Shootmouse4: Aim1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9: Select Weapon

Aliens Invasion

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